About Us

Brand Ambassador

An ‘extreme brand lover’ that is actively engaged in the co-creation of value with a company, having the ability to generate insights that produce value for the entire brand community. Ambassadors are irrational lovers that build long-lasting relationships with brands and other community members thanks to a sophisticated knowledge of the product. A person who is hired by an organization or company to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales.

Brand Influencer

A celebrity, blogger, expert that, having a large number of followers, is contracted by a brand to represent its image in order to increase the overall company credibility, thus, sales. Influencers generally are not required to have deep product knowledge or to show their genuine passion about the brand. The motivation to support a brand is for them purely economical and driven by their need to grow personal reputation and reach.

Brand Advocate

An advocate is a very satisfied customer that spreads brand messages, naturally or incentivized by a company, to provide its social network with information he/she finds valuable. Advocates have good knowledge of the recommended product as they have satisfactory used it in the past. Consumers operating on a purely voluntary basis, most times for product or recognition.

Booking Deposit

Your deposit holds and secures date and availability of an artist. Special request are done on a as needed basis. Please confirm availability of date and artist prior to bookings as deposits are non refundable

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